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Reiki Masters who provide healing through workshops, retreats & 1-1 Sessions.

At Solauna Wellness, we believe in unlocking the power within you. Our team of experienced Reiki masters will help you discover your life's purpose through spiritual healing. Join us to experience transformation and renewal like never before.

About Us

Sophie & Launa

You wouldn't believe it if we told you! Sophie & Launa connected in the last couple years... What!? It feels like they've known each other forever and it shows! Merging their gifts together was an amazing discovery that has impacted so many people in such an amazing transformative way! They've definitely had many lifetimes together and they can't wait to bring their passion to you!

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Sophie & Launa, CEO's & Co-Founders of Sol-Auna Wellness & Retreats

Our Services

Experience the power of healing vibrations, as holistic energy therapy brings harmony to your mind, body, and soul. Unleash your inner potential and radiate with positive energy like never before...

Meghan Sucre

"These two women are incredible healers and teachers. Whether you'd like to take a class to learn and grow yourself, or looking for reiki treatment. I cannot express enough what a warm welcoming environment they provide. They are gifted with some pretty incredible healing hands and souls. If you are looking for alternative therapy to improve any issue that you haven't found with traditional treatments, then you need to come see these ladies. I will be forever grateful for having found them."

Jason Matthews

"As someone who has experience in this space, I am very critical of practitioners and hold them to a very high standard, because I know what is possible.
My experience with Sol-Auna's service is worthy of praise as it was unbelievable.
I had the distinct pleasure of receiving the ultimate service from the dynamic duo of Sol-Auna when I saw them at one of the local markets here in Calgary.
The experience that I had with them was unbelievable.
The emotional release I was able to experience while undergoing their top of the line service was exactly what I needed.
Their compassionate nature along with their sense of professionalism allowed me to fully immerse myself in the process and appreciate the transformation power of their service.
This is something I will be experiencing again, because it was that good!"

Tashia MacDonald

"Had the opportunity to go to a retreat Sophie and Launa hosted this summer and it was such a wonderful, beautiful, healing experience. The retreat was so well run and they took such amazing care of all of us. I cannot wait to attend their next retreat. If you’re into spending time in nature not too far from home, making new connections with thoughtful, spiritual people their retreats are for you."

A Community of Healers Retreat

Soul Serenity summit

Dates: January 19-21, 2024

Are you a healer who has been tirelessly guiding others on their healing journey, yet you find yourself in need of rejuvenation and reconnection with your own healing path? Join us at the Soul Serenity Summit – an immersive shared community experience designed exclusively for healers like you. Let's re-ignite your inner light!!!!

Who Should Attend:
- Energy Healers
- Sound Healers
- Reiki Practitioners
- Massage Therapists
- Holistic Practitioners
- Spiritual Counselors
- Anyone in the healing arts seeking rejuvenation

We are so excited to host our next retreat in beautiful Kananaskis Country! We are bringing healers together to recharge, connect & grow as a community! This location has so much to offer, including: skating, snowshoeing, x-country skiing, fire gatherings, tipis & more… 

Calm Sea

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