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Wild Wandering Goddess Retreat

Join us on July 19-21, 2024 for our 2nd Annual Wild Wandering Goddess Retreat at the beautiful and rustic Heartening Valley Wilderness Retreat Centre just past beautiful Waiparous AB in Kananaskis Country. 

2nd Annual Wild Wandering Goddess Retreat
Meditation in a forest

Find Your Inner Goddess...

Discover Your Inner Magic at the Wondering Goddess Retreat! 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, heart-centered connection, and profound healing? If so, mark your calendar for July 19-21st and join us for the enchanting Wondering Goddess Retreat.


Unveil Your Inner Goddess: 

Are you seeking a deeper connection to your inner self? This retreat is your opportunity to reconnect with your inner goddess, embracing the magic and purpose that lies within you. Our carefully crafted program will help you unveil your true essence and empower you to shine like the radiant goddess you are.


Heart-Centered Connections: 

At the Wondering Goddess Retreat, we understand the importance of meaningful connections. Here, you'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your journey towards personal growth and self-love. Engage in heart-centered conversations, forge bonds that will last a lifetime, and build a supportive community of kindred spirits.


Healing for the Heart and Soul: 

Life's journey can often leave us with wounds that need nurturing and healing. Our retreat is a safe and sacred space where you can embark on a transformative journey towards heart healing. Through guided meditations, healing rituals, and holistic practices, you'll experience a profound release of old wounds and a resurgence of love and self-compassion.


Experience the Magic:

The Wandering Goddess Retreat is designed to take you on a magical journey where you'll discover the infinite well of strength and purpose within your heart.

Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

Heart-Opening Workshops: Engage in workshops that will empower you to open your heart, harness your inner power, and ignite your purpose.


Guided Meditations: Explore the depths of your soul through transformative guided meditations, connecting with your inner goddess.


Soul-Nourishing Practices: Embrace yoga, sound healing, and nature walks to rejuvenate your spirit and foster self-love.


Ceremonies and Rituals: Participate in enchanting ceremonies and rituals under the guidance of experienced facilitators to aid your heart healing journey.


Magical Surprises: Immerse yourself in unexpected magical moments that will leave you feeling inspired and transformed.


Idyllic Setting: Our retreat takes place in a serene and picturesque location, surrounded by the beauty of nature, providing the perfect backdrop for your magical journey.


Secure Your Spot: 

Spaces for this transformative retreat are limited. Secure your spot today and experience a soul-nourishing journey of heart-centered connections, purpose, and heart healing.

-Heated/Powered Cabin
-Catered Food Services
-Bedding (first 8 guaranteed a double bed or lower bunk). 
-Outdoor Activities/Workshops

Email/E Transfer:
Down payment: Please pay a non-refundable 25%  deposit($200) to register and secure your spot for july

Date: July 19-21st
Location: Just past Waiparous, AB at Heartening Valley Wilderness Retreat Centre

Investment in Self: Your journey begins at $799

Don't miss your chance to embark on this transformative adventure with like-minded souls. Embrace your inner magic and rediscover the goddess within.


Ready to Reconnect with Your Inner Goddess?

Join us at the Wondering Goddess Retreat and unlock the magic, purpose, and heart-centered connections that await. Reserve your spot now and start your journey toward a more empowered and heart-centered life.

For any inquiries or to secure your spot, please contact us at [Your Contact Information].

Rediscover the Magic Within You at the Wondering Goddess Retreat! 

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