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How can we help?

Not sure where to start?

Set yourself up for success by booking a healing session today! You're in good hands with 2 heart centered Reiki Masters, Certified through the Canadian Reiki Association! And that's not all!

When you book a session with us, you are also accessing the plethora of different healing styles and knowledge that Sophie & Launa have gained over the years. If learning is your jam, we offer classes and mentorships to teach you as well!

In your initial session, we will have a consult with you to determine what your needs are and tailor a healing or learning path that's right for you!

Here are some options to get you started

Initial Session

Let us get to know you!

Join us for a consult before your first session to help us help you!

Regular Sessions

Looking to see us regularly for maintenance?

You can book a session when you're ready!


Interested in a plan to get you back on track?

We have package options!

What to Expect

If you're ready to get serious about your healing path, let's chat! During our initial session, we will set aside some time to discuss your needs and tailor a healing plan for you. Then, you'll have the opportunity to experience the healing and transformative power of energy & sound with a personalized healing session. Through tuning forks and energy channeling, Sophie & Launa bring healing energy to you, promoting balance and harmony within your body, mind, and spirit.

You'll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and with a sense of renewed clarity and purpose.

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