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Wellness Wednesdays

Are you ready to join us for a fun and interactive healing session?

Bring your talents and healing gifts to our group healing session! All healing paths are welcome! This is a chance to share knowledge, experience new things and grow as a community!

Wellness Wednesdays - 2nd Wed of each month
Pressure Point Info Session with Lena.png
Singing Bowl Sound Healing

A Community Gathering Together from all Healing Paths!

Wellness Wednesday

On the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30-8:00pm, join us for an open evening of sharing healing modalities!

If you practice Reiki or other healing arts, we welcome you! This is an opportunity to share your knowledge, learn from each other or find your people! We invite you to come and share in our heart-centred, hands on group healing experience! Everyone in attendance will receive a mini healing session by the group in a safe, judgement free zone!

This is a great opportunity to grow as a community of healers, find connection & give/receive healing help in a meaningful way! All paths welcome!

What to expect:
-We will open the session with a short meditation & creation of sacred space

-We’ll open the floor to discussion to answer some of your burning questions, ie.
*I’m not sure where to start, how can you help me?
*What do Reiki & Tuning Forks help with?
*How does energy & sound healing work?
*Can I become a Reiki or Tuning Fork Practitioner?

-Start the mini healing sessions by the group
-Share experience & closing conversation

Experience energy & sound healing for yourself! You will be in good hands with 2 experienced Reiki Master/Teachers and an engaging discussion about many other healing modalities you may want to incorporate into your healing toolbox. Bring your questions!

What you’ll need:
Water bottle
Dress comfortably
Openness to exploring new ways to grow spiritually

Sol-Auna Wellness & Retreats
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