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We’ve nailed down a date and you’re officially invited to the ultimate evening of pampering & relaxation! Join Andrea of Self-Healing Sanctum, Melissa of Wild Precious and Sophie & Launa of SoLauna Wellness and Retreats at our private event as we immerse you in the lap of luxury. Enjoy a spa package including hot & cold hydrotherapy, steam room, sauna, personal reiki and tuning fork treatments, voice activation and the option to add on a one hour massage. Let us transport you to a tranquil oasis while you unplug and unwind. This special Sound & Spa Package is first come first served as we have limited capacity. Investment: $144; One hour massage add on $110 Date: September 6th from 7-9pm at @skathermalspa 638 11 AVE SW CALGARY, AB T2R 0E3 All payments include taxes and gratuities. Please send payment to:

Sophie Turner


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