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Soul Serenity Summit

Join us on January 19-21, 2024 for our Soul Serenity Summit at the beautiful and rustic Heartening Valley Wilderness Retreat Centre just past beautiful Waiparous AB in Kananaskis Country. 

Soul Serenity Summit

A Community of Healers Retreat

Are you a healer who has been tirelessly guiding others on their healing journey, yet you find yourself in need of rejuvenation and reconnection with your own healing path? Join us at the Soul Serenity Summit – an immersive shared community experience designed exclusively for healers like you. Let's re-ignite your inner light!!!!

About the Retreat:
Date: January 19-21, 2024
Location: Heartening Valley Wilderness Retreat, on Hwy 40 past Waiparous, AB
Duration: Friday 2:30pm to Sunday 3:00pm
Self-love Investment: $350, non-refundable deposit of $100 required for registration.
EFT can be sent to or payment in full through the booking link.

What’s included: 2 person per room accommodations, bedding included. All you need is your clothes, hygiene bag & and heart ready to relax! Showers & compostable toilets on site (no smell at all & great for the environment!) Tipi, fire pit & wood for gatherings and classroom for workshops!

What to Expect:
- Reignite Your Passion: Take a step back from your demanding role and rediscover the deep-rooted reasons that led you to become a healer in the first place.
- Reconnect with Nature: Immerse yourself in a self-lead discovery of nature, surrounded by the beauty of the Heartening Valley Wilderness Retreat. Nature's healing energy will revitalize your spirit.
- Collaboration Circles: Bringing together our individual modalities, in a group sharing environment that will help you reconnect with your own inner healer. Explore techniques to rekindle your passion and purpose by experiencing each others interactions.
- Opening and Closing Ceremonies: Experience intention-setting for our weekend to prepare you for transformational change through diverse healing techniques.
- Group Sharing and Support: Connect with fellow healers on their own journeys of rediscovery. Share experiences, insights, and challenges in a nurturing, supportive community.
- Group Healing session: Bringing forward our intentions to have a collaborative healing session and allow the blending of all healing styles.
- Dinner Potlucks: Nourish your soulful appetite on Friday and Saturday dinners as we come together as a community. You are responsible for your own breakfasts and lunches, as well as snacks and drinks. Kitchen amenities available!
-Creative Expression: Coming together to create a memorable token of your adventure.

Who Should Attend:
- Energy Healers
- Sound Healers
- Reiki Practitioners
- Massage Therapists
- Holistic Practitioners
- Spiritual Counselors
- Anyone in the healing arts seeking rejuvenation

Connect with Us:
For inquiries and reservations, contact us at

We are so excited to host our next retreat in beautiful Kananaskis Country! We are bringing healers together to recharge, connect & grow as a community! This location has so much to offer, including: skating, snowshoeing, x-country skiing, fire gatherings, tipis & more… 

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